How it works

With Grätzlrad you can rent cargo bikes for free and use them to carry children, move furniture or bring party supplies to the Danube Island. The standard rental period is about one day, shorter is always possible, and sometimes longer. Some bikes can even be rented overnight or over the weekend.

Voluntary companies and associations offer their bike via this web platform. The whole booking runs via online form and email, without an extra app or password.
With or without a motor, single or multi-track… the diversity of transport bikes is reflected in Grätzlrad.

For an overview of the spatial distribution in Vienna, you can display the locations on the city map.

1. Search and book

You can filter the date, the features of the bike and/or the district through the search function. Clicking on the name of a Grätzlrad you will find out more details about the operator. Clicking on “Request” you can make a reservation for a specific date, you will receive a confirmation or rejection within one working day. Grätzlrad showing a button “Instant booking” get automatically confirmed.

Made a mistake? You can cancel the booking.

2. Ride away

Pick up the Grätzlrad at the agreed time. The rental is free, for liability the operator will copy your ID and demand a 50 € deposit.

Try the bike a bit, load it up, ride away: have fun with the Grätzlrad! Drive carefully and lock the bike meticulously, without obstructing pedestrians.

3. Done

Bring the Grätzlrad back at the agreed time. The time has passed quickly but this is the only way you can get your deposit back 😉

Liked it? Next time you can try out a different type of bike.
Was it an awful experience? The employees of the Mobilitätsagentur are available confidentially if you have any complaints or requests.

Legal tips

  • The terms of use are here
  • Driving license: it is not necessary for riding a bike, but of course the traffic rules still apply.
  • Helmet: operators generally do NOT provide helmets, but children under 12 must wear one.
  • Accident or theft? You are in charge of the Grätzlrad. Please report this immediately to the police, to your insurance and to your Grätzlrad operator.